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July 19, 2011

By Liz Anne Bautista,
Yahoo! News Philippines
July 19, 2011

Next time you go shopping for furniture, check out Moroso. Famous for its high quality pieces, world-class workmanship, and innovative design, Italian furniture store Moroso was founded by Agostino and Diana Moroso in 1952. Under the direction of daughter Patrizia, the label has been synonymous modern, stylish, and functional pieces designed by the best young designers in the industry.
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Moroso has found its way to the shores of Manila recently. Brought by Joseph and Stephanie Coyiuto-Tay, the brand aims to bring originality, playfulness, and modernity to Filipino homes, which favors mostly wood and antique furniture. According to the Tays, Moros is for the “discerning buyer who has a strong sense of individuality.” So, for anyone interested in revamping their home this New Year, here are some of Moroso’s recommendation:

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1. Mahuyana Floor Lamp

“Designed by Toyo Ito, this floor lamp is reminiscent of a cocoon that gives off a soft light, enhanced by the double and triple shelters of this delicate, glass fiber creation.”

EYP says: This would be perfect for a minimalist and spacious home with wooden plank floors and white walls.

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2. Sushi Collection

“Designed by Edward Van Vliet, this set’s remarkable design highlights a patchwork pattern of upholstery, the collection’s key element, intensified by an embroidered weave of geometric shapes, high tech grilles, graph swirls.”
EYP says: This would fit a young, fun-loving home that is open to playing around with color and shapes.

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3. Shadowy

“Inspired by the ‘20s beach furniture in terms of shape and form, Moros designer Tord Boontje’s Shadowy pieces mixes modern with traditional by using digitally-drawn patterns and African woven prints.”

EYP says: Light and laid-back, this piece would complement a creative, culturally diverse, and earthy home.

4. Bloomy

“Moroso designer Paticia Urquiola’s Bloomy armchair evokes vegetative beginnings of a flower.”

EYP says: Cute and colorful, this Bloomy armchair would look nice in a cozy corner of an artsy home inspired by pop-art or even the ‘60s.

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5. Fjord

“Fjord is a collection of contract seating that is archetypal of relaxation, given its soft supporting and comfortable form, the high back, arm and seating that adapts to your body.”

EYP says: A good piece to occupy an entertainment room.

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