Moroso is an Italian designer furniture brand founded in 1952 by Agostino & Diana Moroso, a very well known and patronized furniture brand in Italy and around the world. Known for creating seating, armchairs and sofas with the use of high quality materials, superb workmanship and production processes, the company’s enviable heritage is continued nowadays by the couple’s daughter, Patrizia Moroso.

Under Patrizia’s patronage, designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Antonio Citteriohave become some of the most influential in European design. The rest of the company’s roster reads, as a register of Europe’s brightest: artist and architect Ron Arad, and many more.

At present, Moroso is currently working with thirty-seven (37) talented designers from twenty-two (22) different countries under its wing. The company boasts a select, first-rate line of traditional and contemporary pieces, regularly bolstered by new internationally acclaimed products.

The diverse product line of Moroso are in different places all over the world including private residences, offices, airports, banks, hospitals, wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, ships, theaters and museums. Famous projects include the Hong Kong International Airport, the National Museum of Australia, the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE, and the Guggenheim Museum in Barcelona, Spain, to name a few.

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